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Leeds By Example


Behaviour change campaigns



Spanning 2019 to 2022 over 4 phases

Phase 4 - 2021-22 - 6 month behaviour change campaign 

Phase 3 - 2020 - 6 month behaviour change campaign 

Phases 1 & 2 - local delivery partners

Funders & Collaborators

Leeds City Council



The challenge 

Every year in the UK we use around 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion cans and almost 3 billion coffee cups whilst out and about. Until recently there wasn't the infrastructure to deal with this kind of waste so material that could have been recycled and turned into new goods was wasted.  

In 2019 we were local delivery partners on an exciting collaborative project, led by Hubbub, to trial innovative ways to help people recycle on the go - Leeds By Example. It was a big success! In 2020 we took over promotion of the project and our challenge was to maintain and build momentum across the city, promoting awareness and encouraging use of the the new 'binfrastructure'. 

Untitled design (56).png

Our solution 

We have designed and delivered two 6 month behaviour change campaigns. The most recent one launched in 2021 was building on the success of the city centre campaign, with the introduction of on the go recycling bins in 6 neighbourhoods across the city. 

We share engaging, fun, positive, local messages designed to encourage people to use the on-the-go recycling bins in their areas.  

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Our impact 

Our involvement in the project has increased year on year which we believe is a testament to the success of our campaigns. We have had consistently high levels of engagement particularly from sharing hyper localised and behind the scenes messaging which is more meaningful to our audiences.


Our close working relationship with the waste teams at the Council and other waste handlers have enabled us to create interesting and engaging content. 

Interested in how our design approach could work for you? Let's talk!

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