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Leeds Community Homes


Design and delivery of a fundraising campaign

Support to establish LCH as a community land trust for Leeds 


2016 - 2019

Funders & Collaborators

Co-operatives UK

Power to Change

The problem 

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people - particularly young people - to find an affordable home to rent or buy. 


Our solution 

We worked with key stakeholders in the city to set up Leeds Community Homes as a community land trust.  We then worked to recruit a Board of Directors for LCH, and supported them to write a business plan for their first Community Share Offer.

We ran a three month fundraising campaign - encouraging local people to invest in #PeoplePoweredHomes.  We were successful in raising £360,000, including £100,000 from the Community Shares Booster Fund.  We also helped them to secure funding to establish a Community Led Housing Hub in inner-city Leeds.  

In 2018 we led on a community engagement plan in Armley, to explore with local people the opportunity to build affordable homes in their community. 


Our impact 

A community land trust was established in Leeds, raising £360,000, primarily from small-scale local investors, to invest in affordable homes.  Our community engagement work in Armley led to a successful planning application for affordable homes.  

Interested in how our design approach could work for you?  Let's talk!

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