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Zero Waste Leeds


Design and delivery of a grassroots movement building campaign 


2018 to present

Funders & Collaborators

Leeds City Council
University of Leeds
Future Fashion Factory
Leeds Civic Trust
Leeds Community Foundation

The challenge

We have to act at scale and at pace in response to the Climate Emergency. But many of us often feel powerless, not knowing what to do.   We know that the best solutions come from the bottom up - involving local people in creating their own solutions.  

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Our solution 

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We set up Zero Waste Leeds to build a grassroots movement to help people in Leeds to waste less in their daily lives.  

We have built a highly-engaged community on social media with over 25000 local followers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  We have designed a series of high-impact, eye-catching campaigns to help people to waste less - including campaigns on glass recycling, waste reduction during COVID 19, clothing and fashion, and on-the-go recycling.

We have also co-designed grassroots community projects - Leeds School Uniform Exchange and Together For Sport - which reduce waste whilst also saving people people money - vital during our current cost of living crisis.  

Our impact 

We have created the most successful place-based waste reduction campaign in the country, and we have influenced Leeds City Council’s approach to its waste strategy.

We have delivered a number of high profile projects and campaigns - and impact reports are available for our glass recycling campaign, our COVID 19 waste reduction campaign, and for Leeds School Uniform Exchange.

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